The LIVE HOSTED Pub Game Show

with No Wrong Answers!

Bars, Pubs, and Restaurants - HOA Clubhouses - Businesses

What is Survey Sez...?


A weekly, live-hosted, team-based game show  for everyone, even people who aren't any good at trivia! 

You may find Survey Sez... in a restaurant near you!  If not, ask for it! Bar Games and Pub Games are FUN!

How Does It Work?


Instead of facts, figures, and such, your game hosts will ask for your opinions and impressions.  The more teams who had the same answer as you, the higher your score. Simple!

Example question:
Name something you find in a hospital. 
(What came to mind, FIRST?)

Where Can I play?


 Click here for a complete list of Let's Do Game Show venues.

This is a brand-new event!  Want in on it before your competitors?  Call now to book "Survey Sez..."  1-877-DJ-TRIVIA

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